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Filled with more than a million documents and hundreds of movies and radio shows, the New York-based American Jewish Committee Archives house an extraordinary range of resources on the past century of American Jewish history.

This web site, launched as part of AJC’s centennial celebration in 2006, makes an ever-expanding portion of our physical archives instantly accessible. 

Interactive Timelines: A Decade-by-Decade Tour Through the Twentieth Century

Decade-by-decade interactive timelines take you on an enlightening journey through American Jewish history.  Start at the century timeline.  Click on the decade of your choice.  Look at the topics under discussion, click on the year you’d like to explore – and jump into history.

Search Engine: Basic and Advanced Searches Take You Where You Want to Go

The content of these digital archives, of course, goes well beyond the scope of the interactive timelines.  Use the search engines, basic or advanced, to take you directly to archival material on a particular topic of interest.

In Appreciation

Our special thanks to George Blumenthal.  His vision, generosity, and devotion to Jewish history were the catalyst for the creation of this invaluable resource. We also wish to recognize the artistic skill of Israeli photographer Ardon Bar Hama.  His state-of-the-art photography powerfully enhanced this digital archival collection.

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