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American Jewish History and Jewish Culture
[chronological order]

President Eisenhower Speaks at the American Jewish Tercentenary Dinner, Broadcast by ABC. (1954)
Length: 26 min. 33 sec.
Theme: President Eisenhower speaks of the current political situation in the world, stressing that America must work for a peaceful and just world.
Night of Vigil, Produced by CBS and AJC. (1955)
Length: 29 min. 23 sec.
Theme: The struggle for religious freedom by America’s first Jewish settlers who came to New Amsterdam in 1654. The film is a dramatization of the first Passover celebration held in the New World.
The Red Box, Produced by CBS and AJC. (1956)
Length: 29 min. 32 sec.
Theme: A dramatic episode from the life of Revolutionary War patriot, Rabbi Gershom Mendes Seixas, of New York City’s Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue.
Special Interest: First Jewish religious TV program to be broadcast in color.
Dean Pike Program. (1957)
Length: 28 min. 39 sec.
Theme: AJC President Emeritus Judge Joseph M. Proskauer was a guest of the Very Reverend James A. Pike, Dean of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City. The discussion centers on American Jewish identity.
Ready Mr. Rosewater, Produced by CBS and AJC. (1957)
Length: 29 min. 36 sec.
Theme: Tells the story of how Edward Rosewater, a military telegrapher in the War Department, had the honor of flashing news of the Emancipation Proclamation over the wires.
Special Interest: Edward Rosewater had been selected to be a founding member of AJC. Due to his sudden death in 1905, his son Victor joined in establishing the agency.
Tell Thy Son, Produced by CBS and AJC. (1958)
Length: 29 min. 28 sec.
Theme: Dr. Morris Kertzer, AJC director of Interreligious Affairs, leads a Passover service. Ms. Cathy Pike, daughter of Dean James A. Pike of Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City, is a special guest.
Freedom Sunday - 25th Anniversary, Produced by AJC. (2012)
Length: 4 min. 22 sec.
Theme: Commemoration of the Freedom Sunday March for Soviet Jewry, December 6, 1987.
Pride, Passion, Purpose: AJC New York at 75. (2019)
Length: 6 min. 57 sec.
Theme: The film explores some of the major accomplishments of AJC's New York Regional Office since its establishment in 1944.