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Children and Youth
[chronological order]

Make Way For Youth, Produced by AJC and the National Social Welfare Assembly (1947)
Length: 19 min. 01 sec.
Theme: A typical American community, stirred into action by tragedy, creates a youth program to break down the barriers between neighborhoods, races and religions.
Special Interest: Used by the U.S. Army and State Department to advance democratic values in post-war Germany, Austria, and Japan.
The House I Live In, Produced by R.K.O. and distributed by McGraw-Hill. (1950)
Length: 10 min. 29 sec.
Theme: Frank Sinatra convinces a group of neighborhood youngsters to stop discriminating against other children in the neighborhood.
Princess in the Tower, Produced by AJC. (1951)
Length: 21 min. 57 sec.
Theme: A musical film focusing on how a shy young girl, new to the neighborhood, finally gains acceptance.
Special Interest: The film was shown at the White House Conference on Children and Youth, March 27-April1, 1960.
Paper Bags, Produced by AJC. (1992)
Length: 31 sec min.
Theme: The importance of judging one's friends by their character not their race, religion, gender or ethnicity.
Special Interest: Paper Bags was a public service announcement produced by AJC'S New York regional office. It was one of twenty-two human relations messages. These messages which aired on local TV were written and performed by NYC youth.