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Civil Rights
[chronological order]

The Challenge, Produced by the Civil Rights Association, which was composed of the American Jewish Committee, Anti-Defamation League, International Ladies Garment Workers Union, and the United Automobile Workers-CIO. (1951)
Length: 28 min. 29 sec.
Theme: A writer and a photographer team up to investigate a murder and, in the course of their work, uncover facts about discrimination. The film was based upon the report of the President’s Committee on Civil Rights.
Open Mind, Produced by NBC. (1959)
Length: 29 min. 06 sec.
Theme: Father Lafarge, AJC President Irving Engle, and Roy Wilkins of the NAACP discuss the state of civil rights on this TV talk show.
For Fair Play , Produced and distributed by the Pennsylvania Fair Employment Practice Commission. (undated)
Length: 33 min. 56 sec.
Theme: A white worker helps a black machinist who cannot get employment due to racial discrimination. After much effort, the black machinist is hired and the company’s hiring practices are liberalized.
It's About Time, Produced by the City of Philadelphia's Commission on Human Relations and AJC. (circa 1965)
Length: 24 min. 04 sec.
Theme: The film shows how a neighborhood comes to break the myth that integration causes property values to decline.