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Intergroup Relations and Interreligious Affairs
[chronological order]

Small Explosion, Produced by ABC in cooperation with AJC and other public service organizations. (1958)
Length: 29 min. 07 sec.
Theme: A foreign exchange teacher from India, assigned to a small American town, encounters a hostile reaction from her American students. A near tragedy in the classroom shocks the town into recognizing the dangers of racial prejudice.
Children of Strangers, Produced by ABC and AJC. (1959)
Length: 29 min.
Theme: A schoolgirl wins an essay contest on Americanism, but is denied the prize when members of the sponsoring organization discover she is foreign born. Her teacher leads a fight, on the girl’s behalf, to have the award restored.
Down the Road, Produced by ABC with AJC, the AFL-CIO, and the National Sharecroppers Fund as cosponsors. (1960)
Length: 29 min. 06 sec.
Theme: Tells the story of a migrant worker who wants to leave the fields and educate his two motherless children.
In Pursuit of Equality, Produced by WABC TV, New York. (1961)
Length: 28 min. 19 sec.
Theme: Rabbi Marc Tanenbaum, AJC director of Interreligious Affairs, discusses the Vatican’s upcoming Declaration on the Jews with TV journalist Bill Buetel of WABC, and two sisters from the Sister Formation Conference.